Hip-Hop artist Mr. Hooper’s lyrics are an entertaining mix of self-introspection, and a reflection of American society past and present.

The Highs and Lows of a Hero for Hire

  1. Kirk Parker, Pt. 1
  2. 9 to 5
  3. Fall (feat. Jennifer Martinez)
  4. Vanguard (feat. Derek Martinez & Jennifer Martinez)
  5. One Life
  6. For You
  7. Taught to Be Tough
  8. Black Widow
  9. Kirk Parker, Pt. 2
  10. Nine One Six (Freestyle)
  11. Nuthin' (feat. Lauren Wakefield)
  12. Nobody to Blame (feat. Lauren Wakefield)
  13. Kirk Parker, Pt. 3
  14. Making My Move
  15. The Professional (with My Band)
  16. Snakes (with My Band)
  17. Man Machine (with My Band)
  18. Kirk Parker, Pt. 4


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