Hip-Hop artist Mr. Hooper’s lyrics are an entertaining mix of self-introspection, and a reflection of American society past and present.

Soul Controllers [RARE]

  1. Real Brothers
  2. Raise The Flag
  3. I'm A Get Mine
  4. Keep It Smooth
  5. Another Drug Song
  6. Two Heads Are Better Than One (T.O.A.M.P)
  7. Soul Controllers
  8. Ya Burnin' Yourself
  9. Dream Seq. (Now We Got Africa)
  10. Ease It Down
  11. What's Next?
  12. Mom Taught Me

Before there was Crazy Ballhead or Mr. Hooper, there was MC Bee of the REAL BROTHERS. Along with his partner and (actual) real brother MC Pee, they recorded a Hip-Hop gem that is sought after by collectors to this day. ***One copy of this cassette has sold on eBay for $221.50***

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