Hip-Hop artist Mr. Hooper’s lyrics are an entertaining mix of self-introspection, and a reflection of American society past and present.

Livin’ the Plot of My Life’s Novel

  1. Intro: The Artistry
  2. The Battlegrounds
  3. Stylz
  4. Shaolin Pimpin' (Freestyle)
  5. No Big Deal
  6. Hit the Streets
  7. Kama Sutra
  8. John Doe
  9. A Night in the Life...(Live)
  10. Never Miss (Freestyle)
  11. Mental Groove
  12. I Plead Insanity (Slight Return)
  13. The God We Trust
  14. So Cold (Featuring Reina)
  15. Changes
  16. My Stripes
  17. No Do Overs (Freestyle)
  18. I'm Yo Emcee

Do you get tired of hearing what’s pumped to you over the “air” waves. Stations have you thinking you’re riding high on “Cloud 9” However, to taste the truly funky s… you have to dig down a little deeper. The verse to rehearse, is the stuff that makes you think while rocking your thighs. Do you think it’s possible to be rocked to subterranean levels of thought, even while the “hook” you’ve just listened to repeats in your mind like a broken record. I’ve tasted some of this truly funky material, so I have to share. CrazyBallhead, will definitely take you there. As in the days of the Underground Railroad, you can travel the road from CrazyBallhead to Mos Def to Nas to The Roots to Jill Scott to India Arie to Donnie Johnson…once you complete the ride, you’ll be closer to freedom than you ever thought possible while bumping your sounds….Understand this…the Underground is…Where the true funk lives…Peace


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