Once again I challenged myself to write and record a song based on the suggestion of a fan, in one 8hr work day. This time around I was hit with 20 amazing suggestions and couldn’t help myself… I used them all. The song is called “Joseph Ripley”, and you can hear it here.

Song written and recorded by: Mr. Hooper based on 20 fan suggestions 8/25/17
Beat by: Joe Doose

Topic Suggestions:
•Jennifer Griffin – “One Dollar Bill”
•Malcolm Andrews – “Colin Kaepernick, locking yourself out the house, folding or not folding laundry, Boy Machine, How you shop for fruit, the eclipse”
•John Ochoa – “The duality of man”
•Jenny Davison – “Florin Mall, Sex after 40”
•Matt Buckley – “Pick-up basketball game, Video games from the 80s”
•Vanessa Buckley – Cheese Balls
•Kathy Peterson – “Peace in the world, love one another as one”
•Terri Morgan – “Big 3”
•Robin Coley – “Strength and depend on yourself”
•Tony Aslam – “Treat each other like human being with love, respect, and kindness”

•Terrence Shelton – “Sloppy Joes”

•Vanessa Jackson – “Accidentally falling at sleep at work and unplugging the main phone lines. Then waking up and plug the back in only having to go to a meeting later where the boss lets everyone know that they’re going to do an investigation of who unplug the phones and fire them.”

Thank You!



Great flow and great instrumental! Excellent piece of work right here

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