After an action filled 9 days on the road, I am back home in Sacramento. The City Slickers Tour was a big success. I had 5 amazing shows, met some great people, and saw a few new places. But more than anything else I made a lot of memories, and had a lot of fun with my brothers Dj Uppercutz and Mr. P Chill. We inspired, pushed, and supported one another through all the ups and downs of being on the road. We had Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Madrid, Denton, El Paso, and of course our infamous stay in BIG SPRING where my clothes were eaten.  Thanks for having me on the tour my brothers. Let’s do it again soon!


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Heck yea! What a way to start off 2015! Looking forward to traveling with you and ‘Cutz again in the spring as we hit the El Diablo Music Festival in NM and some other places……

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