So as I was sitting in my house yesterday thinking about what my next move would be, and I get a text message containing the answer… The homie Mr. P Chill told me that a couple artist dropped out of the tour he’s going on in 2 days, and asked if I was busy. I checked my calendar, and I was open for the 9 day stretch. Sooo…

I have officially joined the City Slickers Tour with Mr. P Chill, and Dj Uppercutz! Good thing I stay ready to rock.

We are hitting:

1/9 Las Vegas, NV
1/10 Flagstaff, AZ
1/11 Madrid, NM
1/13 Denton, TX
1/15 El Paso, TX
1/17 Mesa, AZ

If we are going to be anywhere near you, come thru!

Get more details on the events page.


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