9 to 5 Challenge!!!

Mr. Hooper challenged himself to write, produce, record, and release songs based on topics suggested by a fans. Each song is made from scratch in a 9 to 5 workday. Each fan who submits a winning topic gets mad props, and a personal copy of the song. Here are the winners thus far…

The 9 to 5 Challenge winner is Elle Hernandez, with her suggestion “how fear replaced love and or vise versa”. Congratulations, Elle! Elle’s suggestion inspired my new song, Then and Now… Check it out!

The 9 to 5 Challenge winner is Brian Espinosa, with his suggestion “A song that includes names and references from old TV shows or Movies or Toys from when we were kids”. Congratulations, Brian! Your suggestion inspired my new song, Half The Battle…

We have multiple winners! Their topic suggestions inspired my new song “No Permission”. Here are the winners and their suggestions:

Asia Allen – “LGBT”

Donna Hanes Martinez “I say..living life against the trend”

Erika Le “Living life by your own terms after spending most of it living by everyone else’s expectations, even if you almost go broke doing so…. just thinking about people who go through divorce, decide not to go to college, etc…”


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